Monday, April 20, 2009

I have to be the biggest baby when it comes to pain. Woke up Sunday morning and could barely walk from pain in my hips. Had been working in the garage Saturday trying to clear out some of Dan and Tiff's boxes of junk, but of course can't just throw them out might find something worth keeping. So had been doing a lot of bending and stooping and lifting and such. Also, the fact that I am a slug the other 360 or so days of the year and there is the getting older issue. By noon yesterday was walking well enough to go to a poetry gig in Healdsburg though. So to make a long story short, will be seeing my cute chiropractor this afternoon. Only a few more hours and some tweaking and torquing by him and I'll be good as new. Isn't that all a 50 plus girl can hope for?

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Anonymous said...

hope you enjoyed your "adjustment"