Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Friday! Oh whoops, that's tomorrow. Sorry getting ahead of myself.
What with the blasting wind and all the pollen flying around the past few days, I have the sinus headache to top all sinus headaches so am a little spacey from allergy meds etc. Although I am so proud of myself for conquering a techy thing. I had promised my friend Jana to download a copy of the music cd to Menopause the Musical and got started on it right away upon arrival to the office. Downloaded the cd no problem but could I figure out how to make it transfer to the blank cd? Now some of you who know me know I'm not a morning person... So for 2 hours I worked at remembering how to make the computer transfer the song, finally at the stroke of 10 a.m. I pushed all the right tabs with my mouse and whoo hoo success! So there will now be another woman in midlife crisis singing along to songs like "Change, Change, Change" and "My Husband Sleeps Tonight". So get in touch with me if you want your own copy of Menopause the Musical.

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