Friday, March 18, 2011

T 'n T travel to Virginia

What a whirlwind it took to get into the second week of March. The packers came Thursday, the movers came on Friday and Tiff and Tess took off on Saturday. The goal was for them to arrive in Virginia in time to party with the sailors on St. Patty's day and they made it! The final text (as they travel I make them text as they stop for the night) came our time Wednesday night @ 11ish saying they had made it to the house in Chesapeake and it was 2am their time. I didn't find out until the next day that on Wednesday they had not one but two flat tires, without that problem they probably would have saved a couple hours. So Navy mom can finally breath a sigh of relief that daughter in law and son are together where they belong and now they can finally make their own household and live happily ever after. To be continued... "-) P.S. And yes even though I'm not a dog person I sort of miss that cutie black lab Juno.