Monday, November 9, 2009


Last Friday I spent the evening with a room full of women sharing a goddess circle. Our hostess Tina took us through the pagan celebration of Samhainn and it was an amazing experience. She offered a beautiful beaded "talking" stick that we each used in turn to invite a special loved one from the spirit world to join us. We then received a length of string with which we could tie knots to represent things in our lives that we want to banish so that we could start the new year without the burdens holding us back from achieving successes or good health etc. As the evening progressed we were asked to share unless it was too emotional to do so. I was moved to tears at a few of the declarations from some of my circle companions. The string was then buried under the oak tree in Tina's back yard and we were giving a lovely acorn to represent the growth we can now experience burden free. I can only say from my own experience of the evening is that I am now feeling worthy to progress to the completion of my story collection and that my fear for what the future has in store for D and T isn't so intense. Our next gathering will be in honor of the winter solstice, looking forward to what the goddess circle will bring forth next.

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