Friday, November 13, 2009

Navy boot camp news and other stuff

We got another letter from Navy boot camp yesterday. The sailor had his wisdom teeth out and I guess while he was under the influence of some pretty good pain meds told his C.O. that he loved him and that his smile brought joy to the world. Bet the Chief loved that. On a positive note we did find out that there hadn't been a phone call yet because the day that would have happened he was still passed out recovering from the teeth extraction so it isn't due to him having some infraction and getting priveliges yanked. He will get to spend Thanksgiving with some other recruits at local families homes with a program called adopt a sailor, he sounds like he is really looking forward to that. Told Tiff to make sure her phone was charged so the call will go through for good old mom's birthday and Thanksgiving. He is also very much enjoying all the snail mail especially commenting on the letters from his childhood pal Garrett who is also a sailor, his godparents the Manzanos and old family friends the Merians. Well, in closing want to thank all of you who have been so wonderful in showing all your love and support to us and the newlyweds while Dan is off beginning his career in the Navy. Have a wonderful weekend and watch for more interesting post from The Fridge Magnet Chronicles!

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