Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Benbow installment #3

Oopps! Took me a few days to get back to the Benbow weekend story, sorry I know you've been waiting with baited breath. We continued to drink champagne, I did mention earlier that the hotel provided us with a little split and also Jana brought a bottle, yumm! The dinner was great in the beautiful dining room of the hotel, Jana had grilled salmon with herbed mashed potatoes and I had bay scallops on rissotto. After that we played drunken checkers in the lovely lobby with a wonderful warm fire in the picturesque fireplace. Then for dessert we finished off the champagne and ate the wonderful chocolates we bought in Garberville earlier that day, did our usual facial and footsie soak, played around with some prompt creative writing cards and then when we couldn't keep our eyes open drifted off to dreamland. The next morning unfortunately we had to take off but not before having coffee on the little balcony overlooking the garden and the stone bridge. Headed off down highway 101 stopping at Ardellas in Willits for breakfast then home. The fact that I forgot my camera and Jana's memory card wasn't in hers (had been left in the computer in her office!) didn't matter, we will keep the weekend and beautiful scenery in our memory, that's where all my wonderful times live anyway. Have a greatful and happy thanksgiving tomorrow, and I'll have a great birthday too. Oh and I think this is my 100th post so on that note, watch for post 101 coming soon!

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