Saturday, November 21, 2009

Benbow weekend continued

So where was I, oh yes just found yarn at the local Radio Shack. Then could hardly deal with The Garden of Beadin, cute name for a shop but could they burn anymore incense? We wrapped things up in Garberville and headed for Benbow to partake in teatime. The tea was warm and lovely with heart shaped scones on the side, yum. The fire was set in the beautiful fireplace in the hotel lobby, very cozy. We had a great room in the more modern section of the hotel which was built in the 1920's. There was a little balcony which looked out over the garden area that had a path that heads down to the river that runs under a beautiful old stone bridge. Looking out at the bridge prompted us to take a little walk before cocktail time. It was the most perfect crisp autumn day and along the road we collected a few leaves, twigs, pebbles and flowers for our little shadow box craft to be done later that evening. We always seem to need something as a project during our girlfriend gatherings. Ok, isn't this a fun story, you want more you say? Watch for the third installment tomorrow. Have a great Saturday.

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