Friday, November 20, 2009

A fab birthday treat

Last weekend I was treated by my bff Jana to a girlfriend over night at Benbow, a beautiful historic hotel in the redwood forest near the town of Garberville. We got a nice early start Saturday morning and up the highway in Laytonville visted a cute quilting store called the Fat Quail. A great little shop and with the friendliest shopkeeper Debbie. Jan bought some fabric for a quilt she is working on and I bought beads in case I was feeling crafty later. We then kept motoring on up highway 101 and stopped at the Peghouse, one of those typical shops near the road in Humboldt county where you can find all sorts of redwood trinkets etc. Arriving about noon in Garberville we decided to do the tourist thing before heading to the hotel to check in. If any of you know anything about Garberville, it is a very small town with a mixed population of rednecks and hippies with a varied collection of shops so when we inquired as to whether there was a yarn shop in town from the woman behind the counter at the Humane Society thrift store we shouldn't have been suprised at what she said. We were told to look at the local Radio Shack, oh yeah I thought she had been smoking a little too much of the local crop if you know what I mean! But the girls at the Hemp clothing store also directed us that direction. You gotta love a small town where the Radio Shack also carries fabric and knitting supplies! Well, watch for tomorrows post so I can continue on about our lovely weekend, drunken evening and all...

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