Monday, March 30, 2009

Well, another weekend come and gone. Although there was a bit of a celebration going on with us (29th wedding anniversary) starting with date night Friday to see Lily Tomlin at our local concert/comedy venue. She was absolutely adorable, felt like we were just hanging out with her and chatting and then suddenly she would slip into character of Trudy the Bag lady or Ernestine etc. Very fun and I only had to suck on 4 cough drops to keep from having a coughing attack from the cold that returned from last month. Then since it was a rather blustery though sunny weekend we put the trip to Angel Island off until next month for Dave's birthday. Figured I would be gasping, coughing and wheezing while hiking and also if it was as windy on the bay as it was at our house, we might have been blown out to sea! We went to a local bookstore which is one of our favorite things anyway and I picked up a copy of Wicked since I had wanted to read it after seeing the musical in the city last month with my friend Ally. Then we put 29 one dollar bills in the supermarket lotto machine and bought 29 scratchers and through out the evening would scratch them. We didn't win any big money but get 4 more free tickets to keep the luck going. Have a wonderful week and let me think about a great April fools joke to put on blog space Wednesday!

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laura P said...

We were just talking about April Fools Jokes here at work... ????????