Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Solstice

I think I must have been a pagan in a past life, on the summer solstice I yearn to do ceremonial dancing in the forest and watch the twilight creeping oh so slowly, taking the last of the longest day of the year off to the horizon. Well, that isn't exactly poetic I know but if it's worth something I've got to tell you that I was at least trying to find muse today. Went with Marlene and had tea with my favorite poet in a "beauty spot" as Doris said while we looked from her terrace to a fabulous view of the valley. AGD regaled us with stories of his family and how he came to have his studio in this wonderful place. Since I was so priviliged to have been able to spend time with Armando, let's get a little excerpt from one of his books.
This is from his poem called "The Muse"
"Poetry barged through my door one day
There is no stealth in her movements...
She carresed, cuddled and had her way with me"
Armando Garcia Davila
(And there's lots more to taste where that little morsel came from!)
Now google him, find one of his books, purchase it and swoon.

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laura P said...

Can't wait to hear all about it...

Happy father's day Dave !!!