Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year...

.. and as 2009 rolls to an end I wish you all well. Just a little update on the sailor and his bride. He will be at school in Pensacola Florida to learn his Navy job until around March and then will learn where their home base will be. My darling daughter in law ever the adventuress took off to drive there with two sisters and a friend. Made it after a few nights on the road and one visit to Texas grandma. She was insistant to not allow him to have Christmas without her so they have been in the rented condo since arrival on Dec. 21st. Sis Ashley will stay on while Tiffany waits for Dan to be ready to go after he graduates from this school. So once again we are empty nesters which made for a very quiet holiday. So Auld Lang Syne, Happy New Year etc. Stay happy and healthy. Watch as the postings for The Fridge Magnet Chronicles continue.

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