Tuesday, December 15, 2009

final graduation post

And so graduation ended, we found our new sailor and "adopted" another one. Dan had invited along his buddy Mat who's family hadn't been able to come from Texas for the graduation. We fiddled around at the base too long to make the last shuttle to the hotel so got a cab back then comisserated on what to do for the afternoon. The hotel desk person kind of persuaded us that it might be too late in the day to head for Chicago without getting in the middle of Friday rush hour traffic and the train was a commute train and would take an hour and a half each way. Ended up a few miles away at the Gurnee Mills Mall. Ate, shopped, the kids hit an arcade. Another busy day and so pooped out we went back to the room and packed to be ready to head back to the airport on Saturday. The next day we were relieved to not have it be snowy on the road as the kids would have the rental car and take us back to O'Hare. Only mishap on the ride was an asshole local driver who decided Tiff wasn't driving fast enough and tailgated, laying on his horn then passed us and came back around to our lane and pulled in front then stood on the brakes! And so we ended our visit to Chicago without even seeing the city but proud as can be of our boy. He's in Florida now going to the school that will teach him the job he will do on the aircraft carrier. Tiff heads there with her sis Ash to have xmas with Dan. Whew and that is the recap of our whirlwind trip. Watch for more postings of info while the sailor is in Pensacola. Have a great week.

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