Thursday, October 29, 2009

Letters, we got letters!

Finally after 20 days of our sailor boy in boot camp we received letters, one for mom and dad and one for Tiff. I have to say that even though it sounds hard, he seems to be making the best of it. Only passed out once during the guantlet of vaccines but he didn't care because when he came to he got milk and cookies. And probably by the time you read this he will have undergone oral surgery to remove his wisdom teeth, he said he was looking forward to all the jello he could eat and getting to have some pain meds! He also made extra points by volunteering to be on the color guard, he did this often during his Boy Scout career and will be good at it. So that's all the latest, keep watching for future postings which I'll get to you as I receive them. Take care and have a Happy Halloween!

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