Thursday, May 7, 2009

USN testing

Very distracted today. Yesterday after the local navy recruiter contacted the recruiter in Salt Lake City who then drove an hour and a half to Evanston Wyoming to retrieve Tiffany's birth certificate so that the paperwork could be started on her spousal benefits, Dan was wisked away today to San Jose to have testing to see where he will fit in the USN. Very distracted today, oh where was I. So hopefully by tomorrow we will know if everything went well. Dan is hoping to be a diver or rescue swimmer which could actually be a job he could even use in the private sector after his stint with the USN, since we live near a couple of pretty large bodies of water ie. the bay, the delta etc. So did I mention Dan is in San Jose today?

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Tricia McWhorter said...

Your not, uh, what is the word, distracted...? Can't say I blame you. Hope all goes well.