Saturday, October 16, 2010

And the month started so good...

Some of you might have seen the bits up on facebook about the fashion show on Oct. 1st as a benefit for breast cancer, SAVE THE TATAS! What a great day hanging out with the gals from M.O.M.S, our escorts being handsome servicemembers. Then back to work the following Monday to a job that is getting to me so badly that most of the time I feel like I'm sleepwalking with the only good part of the day is when it comes time to clock out. Well, now I'm not only sleep walking but I'm also crying. I've been informed that the week I need off in December to see my sailor son's ship come in out at Norfolk Virginia is being denied by the powers that be. Other's with more senority like to have the week before Xmas off so tough shit Mona. Not to worry, sailor son will have his dad there to see him return from his first deployment and then his darling wife will also be there probably by Xmas eve to spend the holidays with him. So guess I'll buck up and quit whining, daughter in law informs me that Dan's leave will comense in late Jan. or early Feb. and he will get to come home alas to help Tiff get ready for their move out to VA. Who wants to go to back east in Dec. anyway, I'll now have the excuse to the kids that I'll need to come out later next year and see where they've settled. Yeah I guess things eventually all even out. In the mean time, I'll just keep taking my homeopathic tranquilizers to get through my shitty days at the office. Will keep you posted.

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