Thursday, September 24, 2009

Autumnal Equinox...

OMG! I missed the autmnal equinox. Was I just a basket case, yes I think so. Lots on my mind these days. Two weeks until the boy heads off to Navy Basic Training. The going away party is this Sunday and will be loads of fun with family and friends who have either watched him grow up or grew up with him. I'm looking forward to it. Met the new therapist yesterday who will help me get through the SADD that plagues me everytime we go from daylight savings time to standard time. She seems nice and has diagnoised me as only moderatly depressed. That means I don't need meds and am not harmful to myself or others. Ok well enough about me, you all have a great weekend and keep looking for more ramblings from Fridge Magnet Chronicles!

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